Friday, February 13, 2009

To discuss some news, a question and an answer

Did you know it's Valentine's Day tomorrow? Just checking. Apparently, it's a big deal. I've got some romantic things planned for Capricorn, none of which I pulled from Cosmo ideas, as that would end in me talking about my childhood and her worrying where to find my "secret pleasure spots."
But this isn't a Valentine's post. That might come later. As a guy in a blossoming, wonderful relationship, I'd rather let the bitter single bloggers have their turn first-- they deserve the stage.
This is more of an update on what's going on lately for me, as I've had minimal posts of that sort and maximum posts on Brody Jenner and JoBros. There's a question at the end I'd like you to answer, too.
  • I started my new work blog, and, for some reason, my bosses have let me get away with much of the Tom Foolery I get away with on this blog. I didn't know I could talk about implants on a newspaper blog, but I can! And they say newspapers are dead.
  • I'm moving. Capricorn and I spent the past few weekends browsing rentals and visiting places, looking for one with a washer/dryer, central air, a dishwasher, a butler, a slip-n-slide and a chocolate fountain. We were successful on some of those counts with a place that is a nice step up from where I'm living now. I plan on singing "Movin' On Up" Jefferson-style the entire day of the move. The hardest part of the search was finding a pet-friendly place, as evidently landlords are afraid of this 10-pound chiweenie.
  • If you put two and two together on the last item, yes, Capricorn and I are moving in together, although not immediately- she's coming later this year. There are many benefits to this that I'll detail down the road, but the first that comes to mind is that I can have Cosmo sent directly to my house and not feel the need to say it's for "research."
  • In my fervent effort to not get laid off because of the recession, I'm doing new projects at work to give the air of "Hey, he must know what he's doing." That's contributed to long days, although the resulting projects do somehow look like they are done by someone who knows what he's doing. In related news, Tom Brokaw is now my intern and in charge of said projects.
This all brings me the question. I've felt terrible about not keeping up with blog reading in recent weeks, let alone making sure I post frequently. At the height, I was reading 40-50 blogs a day. I promise to get back to commenting as soon as I can- I appreciate those of you who comment on mine anyway, perhaps out of pity, not unlike those who attended my birthday parties as an adult child.
So, how many blogs do you read in a day? Comment and participate in the poll, if you wish.
And the answer for the last poll is..... Christopher Walken! Capricorn thinks he's sexy. I'm now questioning my desire to live with her. I'm also wondering how in the world most of you guessed that correctly. Am I missing something about his sex appeal? Does it have something to do with cow bells?


Heather said...

I keep my blog reading pretty light. There are twenty or so that I read on a regular basis (but not all of them post everyday).
Congrats on the whole moving in together thing. Hope it all works out well! And I know you're excited about the Cosmo thing. :)

Ben said...

I've had to do some serious cutting back in my blog reading. I cleaned out the reader and made some tough decisions for the sake of my peace of mind. I wouldn't feel bad or stress yourself out with trying to get back up to full capacity. You'll quickly find that you'll read the ones you want to read and skim the rest anyway.

Anonymous said...

Moving in together, huh? BIG step, and aww, we've all watched it progress.

As for blog reading, I have 28 on my reader, but I'd say only about half of those post frequently, so my blog-reading tends to be slim unless I get crazy bored at work - which does happen somewhat often. Then I'm blog-reading the majority of my day, which would make my vote in your poll entirely inaccurate.

Racquel Valencia said...

Daily, I'd say about fifteen. Every other day? More like thirty. Weekly? Fifty. Easily. But I don't want to name any of them out of fear of looking like an elitist bitch.

Yours is a daily, though. Just 'cause I ain't commenting don't mean I ain't reading.

kisatrtle said...

Congrats on the movin' on up...can't wait to hear how that all works out.

I read less than 20 a day...and not all of them post as regularly as we do.

BeckEye said...

Christopher Walken wasn't bad when he was younger. As for any lingering sex appeal, it could be because he seems very unpredictable and nutty. A "bad boy," if you will. Ladies love them.

Kellie said...

Congratulations on moving in together! How exciting! And in regards to your other question "I need more Christopher Walken!" I think his appeal (at least to me) is that he is hilarious and that makes him sexy.

SouthernBelle said...

Great news... wait doesn't this mean you'll be living in sin?

Oh well, as I always say, being married is just like living in sin, but with better towels.

TishTash said...

I wish you well in your future adventures in cohabitating.

stealthnerd said...

All I really need to know is how do you close said polls? If I don't shut down the dog one soon, well, there's the potential that it won't end well!

As for the blogs...uh, too many in my reader to count, many of those are, well, in the vein of nuptial research and can't be counted.

I have 15 that are daily musts, after that, it all depends on how busy my day is.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Yay on moving in together! I wish you each your own tube of toothpaste, no hair in the bathroom sink when you get there in the morning and someone to clean up after you cook. Oh yeah, and there are a couple of other advantages, but you've probably already figured out what those are...

I totally guessed Christopher Walken! Not that I agree with Capricorn or anything, but I figured anyone crazy enough to date WildARS is probably... well, crazy. And C.W. was the craziest choice. Yup, I won using logic!

Srg said...

Congrats on the cohabitating endeavor! How exciting! I wouldn't really know what it's like though - hubby and I didn't move in together until after we got married. I'm a bit old fashioned that way.

As for blog reading...I average about 10 blogs a day. About 5 of which are must reads and the rest I can usually get to throughout the day.

sj said...

i am very sporadic in my blog reading. there are days when i read 3, and there are days - like saturdays and fridays where i read close to 15.

unfortunately, though, i've become a bit of a lurker. i feel badly about that, because i know how much i love comments. but some of you are so awesomely funny that it's hard not to buckle under the pressure.

like srg, i too was very old-fashioned on the moving in front. we bought our house in may, got married in october and spent the first night in our house on our wedding night. with kat -- which was kind of weird.

Lump said...

ohmygoodness I am so sorry for Capricorn.

I really hope you close the door when you take a shit.

Andy said...

Heather- I think 20 sounds manageable. That sounds about right.
Ben- Good for you- it's like the Lemonade Diet for bloggers.
Motown- It's interesting how our entire relationship has unfolded on this blog.
Racquel- Yeah, don't name Wild ARS as one- you'll definitely look like an elitist bitch then.
Kisa- I can't wait to see how it works out, either.
Beck- I need to knock off a bank.
Kellie- If you've said I'm hilarious before, does that mean you think I'm sexy? A=B B=C A=C, here, Kellie.
Belle- Oh, I'm OK with the sin part. God's got enough on me he's not too worried about that anymore. And don't even get me started on antiquated biblical concepts.
Tish- Cohabitating sounds much more fun. I'll try that. Nice profile photo, btw.
Nerd- You have to take it down manually- completely remove it. That's it.
KAT- Another bonus- her dog's coming too, so Bailey has a friend.
SRG- No problem with old-fashioned. I think it depends on the situation.
SJ- I appreciate every comment you make, so lurk away when need be. You happen to be awesomely funny yourself.
Lump- Wow.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the move in. No need to apologize for, uh, having a life.

Andy said...

Moving together?? Ha! I saw this coming every since Capricorn had the need to clean your apartment because she spent LOTS of time in there. Ha!
Anyway, congrats.

And right now, my Google reader has 75 subscriptions. Lots.

*~Dani~* said...

Congrats on the new pad and bigger commitment. I am right there with you in slacking on reading and commenting. I cannot even say how many I read regularly these days. This house and lack of regular internet is interfering with my life!

Jenners said...

Congrats on the moving in thing! Cool!

For me, Christopher Walken is sexy because of his voice and SNL appearances. But I'm in love with Robert Downey Jr right now so she can have him.

It is very hard to keep up with reading all the blogs I like. I've been getting more and more picky. Really good ones, like yours, I'll read for "free" (no return comments). Other blogs I'll read only because they comment on mine regularly and I feel I owe them. Others (like our mutual friends Miss Heather there at the top of the comment screen and Miss Diane) are like true bloggy friends. I read EVERY POST they write ... no matter what. And I've committed to visiting the blog of everyone who comments on mine. Gotta give to get, I think. But it takes an awful lot of time. And sometimes I wish people wouldn't post EVERY DAY and give me a chance to catch up.

So I'm sure this is too long a comment but you asked and I'm long winded.

Erin said...

I have been really bad at blog reading/commenting lately myself. I have my daily reads which consists of about 15 blogs, then I have my everyone else reads which is a lot more. I have been cleaning out my reader lately too because I just can't commit to reading everyone and everything.

Congrats on the moving in!

Paula said...

I read a pretty large amount a day - when I can. For example, today I have read nearly every one on my reader - so we're talking more than 50 at least (and still counting if you include the 20sb feeds) - if I'm busy during the week though I don't always manage to squeeze in more than a few, and even THEN it's a struggle!

Sam_I_am said...

I've been having a difficult time with blogs too. Stupid time consuming wedding!

~Sheila~ said...

You sure have your hands full reading blogs. I usually limit my blog reading to the ones on my blog roll. Every once in a while I'll veer off and read some others.
Nowhere close to 40-50 a day.

Even the few that I do have make it hard to keep up.

I will NEVER badger you again!! Promise!

mindy said...

I've been a bad, bad blog reader lately too - catching up now. I mean, we just became blog friends not long ago, you know? And already I've been abandoning you. Rude.

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