Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To discuss a month in review: I'm in heat for August

I can't enter September without singing in my head, "See yoouuuu, in September, see youuuuu, when the summer's through!" Man, that's a good song. On to the August Month in Review.

Favorite movie: "Eagle Eye" I want to not like Shia LaBeouf. But I keep liking him, and he's emininently likeable in this thriller, even if it's ridiculous and begs the question, "Why don't they just pull the power cord?" (If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean). Still good, though.

Runner-up: The Express, about Ernie Davis, the first black guy to win the Heismann. I'm a sucker for based on a true story movies that involve sports, like Remember the Titans or Mighty Ducks. Wait, Mighty Ducks isn't based on a true story? No Goldberg? No Flying V? *dreams shattered*

Least favorite movie: White Chicks. It's funny, but on basic principle, I can't like a movie that wants you to believe the Wayans brothers pass as white chicks just because they have make-up on. Or that they pass as actors just because they're in a movie.

Favorite song: "Summertime," Will Smith, because it's the last time I get to hear it for about 8 months.

Capricorn's Favorite Songs: "Hotel Room Service," Pitbull. On our trip to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, Capricorn practically demanded XM Radio play it. They did. Again. And again. We agreed this song is way more raunchy than any song should be, what with lines like, "Oh, you the healthy type. Well, here goes some egg whites." Capricorn's runner up: "She Wolf" Shakira. Capricorn spent many night going around the apartment going, "There's a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe, ooowOOOO!"

Least favorite song: Did I mention Pitbull tries to entice ladies with a chorus that goes "Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn"? Does he think they want a free continental breakfast after the all-night orgy? He couldn't spring for a Radisson? But he gets a bonus point for having Feisty from For the Love of Ray J in his video (which is probably NSFW... or church... or in front of your mother)

Favorite album: Jock Jams! Just kidding.

Best TV Show: "Hard Knocks" HBO. Follows the training camp of the Cincinnati Bengals, which is like watching a train wreck up close as it happens (now I know what Hoda feels like on the Today show's fourth hour). Unfortunately, no one was arrested during camp so far, but there are still two episodes left.

Worst TV show: NYC Prep. I read the book of Revelations before, and there's a verse in some versions of the Bible that mention a reality show about bratty rich kids being the sign of the apocolypse. Runner-up: Re-runs of everything. You can only watch HGTV re-runs so much, or MTV, or Bravo, before you pine for the fall season in earnest. I'd take a new episode of Melrose Place at this point.

Best moment: Spending the weekend in Pittsburgh. Went to a Pirate game with my best friend from high school and his gf, and Capricorn, and, for some reason, the Pirates decided not to suck, which is as rare as seeing Jon and Kate hug. Then, on Sunday, Capricorn and I went on a pontoon boat ride with my family-- Capricorn's first boat ride ever. She was convinced the boat would capsize, and had us shift to different parts of the (well-balanced) boat to even things out. I told her there aren't many pontoon boat fatalities in a man-made lake.

Worst moments: For the dogs, it might have been when Capricorn busted out her box-o-costumes. But I happened to think it was hilarious.

Best decision: Starting this blog one year ago, as of Aug. 1.

Favorite Blog Post by Me: Really, this is its own entity. Everything Ben of No Ordinary Rollercoaster and I did for our special short-term blog, We Are Cosmo, is among literature's finest. It's only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble paint our visage in their coffee shops among the Whitmans, Steinbecks and Austens of the world.

Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: Other than Ben's We Are Cosmo contributions (please see his vlog entry), there was the hilarious blog swap post by Anya, and Spleeness's TMI Thursday post, one of the funniest I've read.

Blogger of the Month: It can be no other person than Ben, who I'm totally man-crushing on now in the straightest way possible (a la Seinfeld on Keith Hernandez).

When I suggested the idea of creating a fake Cosmo, he didn't hesitate for second in agreeing, even though it was sure to bring utter embarrassment on us both (see the cover). So Ben, for my gratitude and in lieu of spooning, here's your award. Let's do it again sometime (fake Cosmo, not each other).


Kellie said...

I haven't heard this new Shakira song. Sounds... stupid. Hope Cap doesn't take offense to that. But those lyrics. Really? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I loved Eagle Eye, so excellent choice! And The Express? I've already watched it three or four times on HBO. Kudos for that one, too.

And Ben is super worthy. You guys did one hell of a job with We Are Cosmo.

Amy xxoo said...

I also cant help but love Shia LeBouf.... he has this funny kind of charisma. I like it. I also like " SheWolf ", which is catchy in that corny way only Shakira can get away with.

And i think everyone will agree.... but we all loved the co-blog!

BeckEye said...

The fact that I haven't seen "Eagle Eye" will not stop me from making fun of you for picking it as your favorite movie of the month.

Nyah nyah nyah nyah, you like "Eagle Eye."

Little Ms Blogger said...

Well, you have to be thankful you didn't waste $10.50 to see White Chicks.....

kisatrtle said...

favorite line in this post: the Pirates decided not to suck, which is as rare as seeing Jon and Kate hug.

Children of the 90s said...

If I admit I find NYC to be a guilty pleasure, will you do your best not to judge? I'll understand if the answer is no.

And for the record, Jock Jams would be a stellar choice for favorite album, just FYI. You could seriously pump up the jam. It's okay, though. You've proven yourself--I respect your 90s music decisions.

Ben said...

I will gladly be the Paul Rudd to your Jason Segel. Or the other way around for that matter.

Jill Pilgrim said...

I am most definitely wooed by a night's stay at The Holiday Inn.

Soda and Candy said...

I really wish my husband would let me buy outfits for our dogs.

LiLu said...

Crap. I must be doing something wrong when other people's TMITs are winning over my own...

*p.s. hanging head in shame over loving NYC prep*

Miss Tiff said...

I really like Eagle Eye. I've heard the new Shakira song and I'm not too impressed by it.

P.S. I'm back! :)

Racquel Valencia said...

Pitbull can do no wrong. And I hated Shakira's new song when I first heard it, but it's definitely grown on me. The howling! How can you not love the howling?

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