Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To discuss a month in review: November 2009

November was full of food, sick dogs, Westminster dog shows, and Al Roker bundled up like a Ho Ho. Let's take a look back at this overlooked month, before we get too full of the holiday spirit. Here's the November Month in Review.

For a flashback, here's November 2008. Coincidentally, I make fun of the same actress in both reviews.

Favorite movie: "Australia" Other than the fact it's 3-plus hours, it's a visually stunning movie. For the ladies, there's Hugh Jackman being all Jackmany. For the guys, there's Nicole Kidman, being all pursed-lipsy. Well worth watching, and gives insight into a form of racism you don't hear about in the U.S.

Runner-Up: "I Could Never Be Your Woman" Did you know Paul Rudd was in this? I randomly found it on Comcast movies, and just assumed it was done before he became famous, what with the set and props straight from the 90s and the lack of exposure for the movie. Nope. It was made in 2007. Michelle Pfeiffer is in it, too. It's a great comedic showcase for Rudd, and abysmal for everything else. Bonus trivia point: Rudd was in "Clueless." Stacey Dash, who played Cher's friend, is in this movie, too, playing an actress who stars on a high school show. Bonus trivia point 2: Stacey was about 41 when this movie came out.

Least favorite movie: "Bring It On, All or Nothing" It's almost as if the writers wanted to see how stereotypical racist they could get in one teen movie. Hayden Panties is afraid to park in certain areas because she sees black people nearby. Solange Knowles calls Hayden "white girl" and assumes she can't dance. The white students don't trust the black/Hispanic students, and the black/Hispanic students are A) poor and B) loud. Other than that, it's a fine example of youth culture teens should look up to. Oh, and Hayden couldn't act her way out of a wet panty liner.

Runner-up: "Twilight"

Favorite song: "In Case of Rapture" As Tall As Lions. Take a look at the lyrics. It's an interesting case against Bible thumpers. "I saw no fire in your street/just the stones you've thrown at me/Does it make you feel better?/Well, you know we're all just sinners." Of course, just by listing this song, someone will probably pray for me.

Least favorite song: Any Christmas song played before Thanksgiving listed in my poll (did you vote yet?)

Favorite TV Show
: "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" might be the best reality show you're not watching. You may remember Tabatha from Sheer Genius. On this show, she spends a week at a salon, fixing problems, improving the workmanship and giving out attitude adjustments willy nilly. Yes, willy nilly. It's glorious.

Runner-up:"So You Think You Can Dance." I warmed up to it, after initially not wanting to like it because they just had a season this summer. If you didn't know, I do recaps/interviews on it over at my other blog, Real Blogger. Side note: Has anyone noticed how Nigel says completely inappropriate sexual comments about the teen girls on the show? Or is that just me?

Worst TV show: The Saturday Night Live hosted by January Jones. When your best scene involves Grace Kelly breaking wind like a teenager at Taco Bell, you know it's a rough night. It didn't help the Black Eyed Peas were the musical guests.

Best moment: Thanksgiving with Capricorn's family and then with my family. I ate more turkey in one day than the Surgeon General recommends. And I'm pretty sure my dad made a sex joke at one point, which would be a landmark event.

Worst moments: Taking Leo to the vet.

Best decision: Deciding to go to Chicago for another journalism conference, even if I wore holes in my socks from walking around so much. But at least I got to sing karaoke.

Favorite Blog Post by Me: Writing an apology letter to Thanksgiving.

Blogger of the Month:
I'll hold off on this until I do my December review, since I didn't get much time to do blog reading (and I'm sure I'm not alone on that.)


Amy xxoo said...

Hallelujah fto finding an American that actually liked " Australia "! Sidenote to anyone who hasnt seen it - Brandon Walters, who plays little Nullah, has the cutest little face with his giant brown eyes....

Also, agreed with your favourite post by you - that letter was a crack up.

Herding Cats said...

I loved Australia! Everyone whined about how long it was, but I wasn't bored once!

Soda and Candy said...

OMG Tabatha is back?! I will have to get on that.

Also, I think we may have to watch "Australia" just so we can respond to everyone who asks us if it's true-to-life-ish.

Children of the 90s said...

I loved Shear Genius, but I haven't caught much of Tabatha's Salon Takeover. I always liked her, though. She's so satisfyingly bitchy.

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