Monday, December 1, 2008

To discuss a month in review: November- It's the PMS for December

I feel like November gets screwed over. November always gets the shaft, because unless you're having a birthday, getting elected for office or a turkey farmer, you'd much rather it be December, when the real fun begins.
I did enjoy watching all of you struggle with NaBloPoMo. You seemed consumed by the monumental task of posting every day. I can't shoulder that responsibility. It's hard enough for me to remember to put on pants in the morning.
Nevertheless, November is over, so here are the highlights and lowlights:
  • Favorite movie: "Quantum of Solace" It had everything you could want from a Bond movie- action, thrills, international conflict, a reason to like British people, and PG-13 sex scenes...Runner-up: "Role Models" and "No Country for Old Men"
  • Least favorite movie: "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights." It's just not good. I didn't see many terrible movies this month (did you?) but maybe that's because I'm just blocking it out like it never happened, kind of like Britney Spears' marriage to that Jason guy.
  • Favorite song: "Gamma Ray" Beck. This might at one point qualify for its own entry, because there are several groups/singers I like now that I didn't get at all when they first came out. "Odelay" was OK for me at first, but now it sounds genius, as does his new stuff. Runner up: "Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You," Black Kids and "Love Lockdown," Kanye West (despite me mocking him).
  • Least favorite song: "If I Were a Boy" Beyonce. If you were a boy, you wouldn't be able to wear those mini-dresses that show off your birthing hips, now would you Beyonce? Stick to the moneymaker...Runner-up "So What," P!nk. She really needs to write a song that involves a key change and varying beats. O?ay, P!nk?
  • Favorite album: Home Alone soundtrack. I can't stress enough that the holidays aren't complete without me listening to "O Holy Night" sung by little children, and that sweet-ass rendition of "White Christmas" with the falsetto.
  • Best TV Show: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." The season just wrapped up with Charlie writing his own musical, which inadvertantly includes a rape scene and child molestation. In other words, just another day on IASP. All that is right and wrong with the world can be found on this show (it's on FX). Runner up: "The Office" and "House."
  • Worst TV show: "Heroes." What the hell happened to this show? I had to stop watching it. I don't like the characters anymore, the plots are full of holes and are hard to follow, people die and come back all the time and there doesn't seem to be a point to it all. All I want to do is punch Hayden Panettiere in the face. Hard. Twice.*
  • Best moments: Creating Feliz Navidad 2008, my co-blog experience with Ben and Thanksgiving.
  • Worst moments: Calling my blog crush the wrong name.
  • Best decision: Having Capricorn meet my parents before Thanksgiving, so there would be less pressure for the holiday weekend. Things are going along great with her (we're past two months). That's good, because my mom still wants those overdue grandchildren. And they don't make themselves (unless you're the Virgin Mary or Clay Aiken). Runner Up: Deciding to do Get to Know Me week. And voting.
  • Worst decision: Turning off the spam filter for the comments. Although the results were funny.
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Me: Writing my Dream Date for Ben, and writing about Taxicab Confessions for Haute Pocket.
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: So many to choose from, as I made a lot of new blog friends this month. All of your Get to Know Me entries were great- I was seriously impressed. Some of my favorites include this one by AmyXXOO about becoming possessed, and Sara's impressive list of things to know about her. What were your favorite GTKM posts?
    * Once with brass knuckles.


Ben said...

November - the month that Andy and Ben made tolerable.

Diane said...

Awwww... seriously, don't sweat the name thing, Alan. It's not a big deal... really.

PS... I still heart you.

SouthernBelle said...

Ha, Heroes has been mildly disappointing this season, but I'm hanging on to see if it'll pick up again. There have been some good Hiro moments though - "Holy crap!"

Áine Caitríona said...

A fine review. I concur on several of your points, especially the long-overdue dig at P!nk. I mean, come on, "So What" is no "Don't Let Me Get Me".

I mean, uhhh, who listens to Pink? Not me, that's for sure! Heh, heh. *wipes brow and looks shifty-eyed*

Jest said...

Uhhh..maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I'm going to anyways. I kind of love that Pink song. And the video makes me laugh. So, yeah. I guess I have to disagree with you there, but I'm all with you on the Beyonce song. I don't get it.
I've never watched Heroes. I guess now is not a good time to start! Thanks for the heads-up!

bianca said...

In my attempts to procrastinate I finally jumped on the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia train...and it's freaking amazing. Why didn't I listen to you earlier?! I blew through the season 1/2 DVD and I'm almos finished with season 3. Genius.

So@24 said...

Say what you want, but don't take it out on Hayden. Because hot girls can get away with anything, even mediocre shows.

Brandon Szuminsky said...

Unrelated to this post, but Google says nearly 7% of my visits come from your site. Huzzah! Many thanks.

LBluca77 said...

November babies is what makes November the best month ever!!!!

Amy xxoo said...

Aww, thanks for the blog love there Andy. Although i havent posted since that entry because it was soooo epic.

Also, I'm with Jest, i quite like P!nk. Her fun songs are fun and the film clips are always entertaining, and her more serious songs are satisfyingly confessional. What else do you want from Top 40 pop ?

Andy said...

Ben- Best of luck on your Canadian blog award thingy.
Diane- I heart you too, with one of those arrows through it.
Belle- Hiro was getting a little too smug for a bit there- glad he is turning around.
Aine- I'm not saying all her stuff is bad- some is very catchy- "Who Knew?" for instance. Some is crap.
Jest- Beyonce is an alien. I'm convinced. A bootylicious alien who is not ready for my jelly.
Bianca- I TOLD YOU. I love the steroids ep.
So@24- I can't argue with that logic.
Brandon- And a Merry Christmas to you.
LBluca77- Just a guess- you're born in November?
Amy- Here's my point: Listen to "Get This Party Started." When she sings each stanza, sing the main chorus line "I'm coming up so you better get this party started." Repeat that over and over. You will never be off beat or off key.... because there are no changes to the music. As a singer, it's offensive. As a Top 40 pop song, it's par for the course. And hey, I like old NSync songs, so go figure.

Miss Tiff said...

I didn't like Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights either. I also tried to do the NaBloPoMo thing but failed horribly within like the first week of it. I couldn't manage to write a post everyday I've had a hard time posting as much as I have been lately. I know I kind of suck.

Erin said...

That Beyonce (or is it Sasha Fierce) song makes me want to slit my wrists with a spoon.

Anonymous said...

You should know that I've started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia because of you. Don't get too excited, it's not like you're saving the whales or something!

JenBun said...

I hate November.

(Though I did enjoy your co-blogging and all the GTKM posts...)

I'm so glad that bastard month is over!

*~Dani~* said...

Is it wrong that just the other day I thought to myself "Pink is a lyrical genius"?

Andy said...

Tiff- It's the effort that counts.
Erin- I think we should all create alter egos.
Haute- I'm no Hayden when it comes to saving whales.
Jen- Good. We agree.
Dani- Ummm. Yes. Yes that's wrong.

Kellie said...

Oh yes, IASP and The Office. My 2 all time favorite shows. I am so sad that IASP is already over for the season. Their short season sucks major ass. Why is it so short!!!?!?!?!

Lump said...

Ok the acting on Heroes is killing me. but I'm still addicted.

Beyonce could kick your ass as a girl and as a boy.

Astharis said...

And I thought that I was the only one that wanted to punch Hayden Panettiere in the face...

Sara said...

I'd like to thank everyone who looked at my blog and made this award possible...oh wait, no award? hehe...thanks for the link and for checking my ramblings and at least mildly enjoying them!

BTW I tried NABLOPOMO (errr...whatever) and decided that I pretty much suck so I said screw it...no one wants to hear from me everyday anyway :) Can I say too that I'm way down with Sunny...but this last season that just ended was ehh for me...sadly I think they peaked with the penis invites to be part of their new man group. HA...that's priceless :)!!

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