Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To discuss a Month in Review: April showers bring... rain. What did you expect?

I wasn't aware April ended until a coworker told me. I figured I'd better do the April Month in Review, then, before May finishes on me, too.

Favorite movie: "The Reader." Capricorn had been wanting to see this since it came out, as she already read the book. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie, going into it, beyond: A) Kate Winslet got lots of award consideration for it; B) Kate Winslet would be naked, again; and C) It had something to do with reading. After seeing it, A) I can see why she got award consideration. She's such a fantastic actress that B) unlike other actresses that frequently get naked, you pay attention to the acting and not the nakedness; and C) It was a nice reminder that not only will illiteracy stifle your social life, it might also get you tossed in prison for war crimes. Let's see that slogan on Reading Rainbow, Levar! Runner up: "Notorious" out of the newer movies I saw; "Braveheart" out of the older.

Least favorite movie
: "Stomp the Yard." Meagan Good is in it. And then... uh... well, Meagan Good is in it. I remember that part. And there was a lot of dancing. Runner up: Talledega Nights. I love baby Jesus, but I also love plot development.

Favorite song: "Ride Like the Wind" Christopher Cross. Not my selection. It's Capricorn's. She loves Christopher Cross. Please help me understand.

Least favorite song: "The Climb," Miley Cyrus. Please notify me when she stops being famous.

Favorite album: "Sound of Music" soundtrack. At least it better be. I'll be hearing those songs nonstop for the next two months.

Best TV Show: "Eastbound and Down." One of the raunchiest, dirtiest, unapologetic shows I've seen in a while. This HBO show (produced by Will Ferrell) stars the guy who was the explosives expert on "Tropic Thunder" as a down-and-out ex-ballplayer vying for a comeback. In the meantime, he's teaching middle school gym and trying to bang his high school sweetheart. One of the funniest shows this side of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Worst TV show: "College Life." MTV, do we really need a show with college freshmen filming themselves? If we wanted voyeurism, aren't we supposed to watch "Real World"?

Best idea: "As Seen on TV Week" was a rousing success. All of you are a little too excited about infomercials.

Best moments: Doing a murder-mystery, and then auditioning for "Sound of Music" and getting the role of Max. I promise to keep you updated.

Worst moments: Taking some of my furlough days (unpaid time off), which had me verging on Little Debbie territory. At one point, Capricorn bought me a Little Debbie cake just so I could say I had one.

Worst decision: Not having my spam filter on when writing about infomercials, which attracted Ed the Spammer. But we got back at Ed, didn't we?

Favorite Blog Entry by Me: Could it be anything else?

Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: I found a few new sites this month. I discovered Melbotis, who wrote about his experiences at Chuck E. Cheese. Sample: "And, of course, the kicking and hitting began as Chuck uttered some profanities and retreated to the stage door."... check out this entry at yousuckatcraigslist.com. It'll make you take a vow of celibacy... and, just in time for spring, here's Cadence and her thoughts on the wrong people wearing shorts.

Blogger of the Month (here's March's winner): Some of you have said you're impressed with my 90s knowledge. But just take a look at Children of the 90s. She will blow you away. Just in the time I started reading her blog a few weeks ago, she's written about Bill Nye the Science Guy, Lunchables, and MTV's "Singled Out." I have no idea how she gets so much information on all this stuff. And so, Children of the 90s, you are a most deserving winner of the Wild ARS Blogger of the Month award. As Ug and Budnick might sing, "Children of the 90s, we hold you in our heart, and when we think about you, it makes us..." well, it makes us want to read more.


Children of the Nineties said...

You're the best, thank you! And of course, I appreciate the amendment of the Camp Anawana song to omit any inappropriate flatulence references. I promise to continue to aspire to the level of 90s greatness found in your Full House play-by-play.

Amy xxoo said...

What is up with you never having " Braveheart " before Andy ? Were you living under a rock when it was released?

Aside from that comment, which kind of spun me out, another excellent month in review. Gold star for you!

Andy said...

Children- Sing it right Budnick, or pay the price.
Amy- Oh, I've seen it before. Like a hundred times. I just love it enough that even then, I had to give it a mention.

LiLu said...


It's going to take so long til Season 2, but at least it got picked up! In the meantime, I've been voraciously devouring his Twitters...

Suburbia Steph said...

OMG! See - I must follow you now! I <3 Eastbound & Down! Hilarious! Have you seen The Trailer Park Boys? It's to die for!

ReRe said...

i'm glad i'm not the only how i met your mother fan! it's so good. and i can't get enough of NPH! (neil patrick harris!) last night's was great

and the real housewives of jersey is gonna be great!

Suburbia Steph said...

Yesssss! Barney IS the definition of awesometudeness! What uuuup?

Andy said...

LiLu- Thanks for the Twitter hookup. Those are some hilarious Tweets.
Steph- I haven't, but I'll check it out now... I randomly found E&B- I love that Will Ferrell owns a car dealership.
ReRe- I wonder if Sarah Chalke is the mother. They keep it all mysterious (For all who are wondering, ReRe wrote about HIMYM on her blog)
Steph- I own the Bro Code. It's excellent.

Kellie said...

Is Christopher Cross like Kris Kross b/c if so then Capricorn has the best taste in music ever! If not, then I have no clue who he is.

Daddy Mac will make ya jump, jump.

kisatrtle said...

I totally agree with you about Taladega Nights...that is the worst Will Ferrel movie ever. I'm surprised Zack and Miri make a Porno has been reviewed by your blog yet...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this review is in the works.

You need to leave Miley alone. My 10 year old needs at least one drug free/not-yet-pregnant role model.

*~Dani~* said...

How is it that I have not heard of any of the songs you mentioned? I feel old. On a completely different note, my husband also watches Eastbound & Down and subjects me to random scenes. Although I have never seen an entire episode, what I have seen is quite funny.

p.huong said...

THANK YOU for putting that Miley song as your least favorite song of the month.

Some time ago, Roommate1 said, "Is it weird that I actually like this song?" Roommate2, "No, because she's actually singing in this song." Me (immediately after Roommate1 spoke): "YES." And I rolled my eyes at Roommate2.

Jenners said...

Oh come on, you expect plot development in a Will Ferrell movie? I'm sorry but that "Baby Einstein video baby Jesus" grace scene was just too funny. Though it does occur to me I remember almost nothing else from the film.

And Christopher Cross???? Seriously???? That sounds like grounds for a break-up.

And I used to sing the entire soundtrack to "Camelot" when I was a child and act it out. It was what I did when I had the house to myself. I must say I was quite good at it ... in my head.

And I adored your As Seen On TV posts as you know .. pure blogging genius.

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