Friday, August 7, 2009

To discuss a Month in Review: July

July went by so quickly that I almost forgot to do a Month in Review. Before I forget all that happened, here's my rundown.

Favorite movie: "The Proposal" Ryan Reynolds is who I want to be when I grow up. He's like the more advanced version of me, the homo sapien to my homo erectus*. And his abs are pretty. On a non bromance note, there are a surprising number of laugh-out-loud moments (thanks, Betty White) and some nice old-school hip-hop. Yep.

"Stardust" Yeah, I'm surprised, too, but Robert DeNiro makes a great flamboyant gay pirate, and Claire Danes is just so Claire Danes-ee.

Least favorite movie: "The Breakup" I almost forgot Jennifer Aniston walks around naked in this movie. And even that was kind of a letdown, as she's eternally PG-13 naked on magazines, anyway. The big reason this movie is on here? The ending. Won't ruin it, but there's a feeling the director forgot to include the last scene.

Favorite song: "Old White Lincoln" Gaslight Anthem. Think "Friday I'm In Love." Same style. I heart this band in a total Tiger Beat fan club way. Runner-up: "Since We've Been Wrong," Mars Volta, "Winter Song," Sara Barailles (it was on So You Think You Can Dance)

Least favorite song: "No Surprise" Daughtry. The 2000's Creed.

Favorite album: "'59 Sound," Gaslight Anthem. Check out High Lonesome and the title track in particular.

Best TV Show: "So You Think You Can Dance" Everything that's wrong with American Idol is right with SYTYCD. Better judges. More memorable performances. Much better host.

Worst TV show: "Michael Jackson SpectacleMemorial." That was just creepy, like a morbid Grammys. I couldn't stop watching it, and yet, on the other hand, who gave a crap about Michael Jackson in the past 10 years? That's not to undermine his impact, but after listening to all those eulogies, you'd think he saved the world from sin by moonwalking up Calvary. He sang catchy pop music and contribued to the "Free Willy" sountrack. Legend? Sure. Relevant? If it wasn't for his child molestation stuff, would anyone have talked about him this decade?

Best moment: Going to Virginia for a wedding and a trip to Mt. Vernon. There is now photographic proof of the alleged "Tearing Up My Heart" performance, led by the groom and groomsman and the only guy not wearing a suit, me.
Runner-up: My first Fourth of July with Capricorn. Fourth of July is the most romantic of holidays- Christmas has too much happy holidays pressure, New Year's is only about one second, Valentine's Day is a bit forced, and Easter is about my favorite guy dying. Fourth of July, well, that's about America Rock Flag and Eagle. If you're not an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fan, please disregard that statement. If you are, then enjoy this:

Worst moments: Getting caught in D.C. traffic, which reminded me of getting caught in Connecticut traffic, which reminded me of being doused in hydrocholoric acid and transportation failure.

Worst decision: Not having a more lucrative career, so I can go on splurges when I visit the biggest mall in all the land.

Favorite Blog Post by Me: Wasn't even on my site. Plus, I think I offered some good social media advice.

Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: Although much more adult-contenty that some might like, I enjoyed Zan's TMI about something that was loss, and then found. It's not the prodigal son, I'll just say that. Hysterical.

Blogger of the Month: In a long overdue award, let me give some praise to Min-D, who, among other things, delved into the hidden meaning of a certain Britney Spears song. I confess it took me a bit to also realize Britney isn't some Cold Case detective searching for a runaway named Amy. Consider this award a belated birthday present, Min-D.

* heh.

Coming soon: Review of Maxim and Cosmo.


Amy xxoo said...

I lurve your choices for best movies this month Andy. I already blogged about my love for " The Proposal " and i just watched " Stardust " yesterday. It made me glad that i'm in love :)

Also, kudos to you for using the word " erectus " on your blog. I'd be curious to see how many people get linked to your blog via THAT word search .....

P said...

The ending of "The Breakup" did not agree with me either. At all.

I really really REALLY want to see "The Proposal" though. I wonder what the chances are of me stealing Ryan from under Scarlet's nose??? Hmmmm...

Doni said...

Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man on this planet. I approve.

Kirsten said...

Thanks for winning my contest! I have now discovered a new fave blog!

LiLu said...

Got you a present. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Blogger of the Month? Thanks hun! =) Plus, I'm included in the same post as Ryan Reynolds and, well, that's probably as close to that hotness as I'll ever get.

I'm only somewhat okay with that.

Thanks again!

Andy said...

AmyXXOO- Capricorn recommended Stardust, so she gets the credit. And I'm sure Google will love me.
P- It was so abrupt, wasn't it? And I'm sure Scarlet has enough men chasing her that she wouldn't mind if Ryan left for an afternoon romp.
Doni- Um, ok, we'll run with that.
Kirsten- I'm so pumped I won! (Check out her blog to see why)
LiLu- Like manna from heaven.
Motown- I make things happen, what can I say.

Little Ms Blogger said...

As I resident of Connecticut, Southern part, I can relate to your worst moment comment - I hate that my state is one giant parking lot.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the single best thing since Jesus created the vibrator.

*~Dani~* said...

I love me some Ryan Reynolds. Also, the ending to the Breakup bothered me. As did Jennifer Aniston's butt. Just thought you should know.

Katie said...

Despite the fact that I love Michael Jackson, I will continue reading your blog.

Mostly because I have no job.

Eh, I'd read it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Connecticut has traffic?

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