Sunday, April 5, 2009

To discuss a Month in Review: March came in like a lion and then ate me

March sucks. It does have the minty glory of Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds, but every year, it sucks at everything else. March is just never a good time for me, and this year, I had family emergencies, health issues of my own, work problems and blog withdrawal, all at once. But I'm better now, and ready to give you a March Month in Review:

Favorite movie: "The Fast and The Furious" Not the new one, which I plan to see, but the old ones. I've been trying to explain to Capricorn how these are all stellar movies, but she continues to doubt me. It doesn't help when I explain that the general plot is "A couple dudes steal/race cars while a couple hot chicks get turned on and get PG-13 nude, then cops get involved, and there's a final race/car chase." I just remember seeing the original with my sister and us thinking how amazing those race scenes were, and my desire to drive my Nissan Altima 100 mph after that (Fortunately I didn't). I also remember saying I wanted to add NOS to everything.

Least favorite movie: "Chronicles of Narnia" Not my selection, but Capricorn's. She loved the entire movie-- literally sitting on the edge of my recliner-- until the end, when, spoiler alert, the kids fall out of the wardrobe and back into reality (also, in "Titantic," the ship sinks). She expected them to keep chilling with Aslan forever. I told her that, since Aslan is the Jesus symbol, he can't stay behind after he's resurrected. If she has problems with that, she'll have to take it up with God. Or Disney.

Favorite song: "Tracks of My Tears," Adam Lambert. Yeah, yeah. I know. An American Idol contestant. But he's so much better than the other contestants! And it's a great version! And it's a Motown classic! And...uh... Well, dang. I can't defend it. At least it's not Megan Joy Corkrey. Runner-up: "Crack the Shutters," Snow Patrol.

Least favorite song: "Right Round" Flo Rida, just because you can remake a song, doesn't mean you should. I'm still trying to forgive you for ruining rap with "In the Ayer" and "Low," which made baby Biggie Smalls cry.

Favorite album: Nothing this month. What was yours?

Best TV Show: "Make Me a Supermodel" Yes, I blog about America's Next Top Model-- made all the better now that I get to interview contestants-- but in terms of a quality supermodel competition, the Bravo version is better, hands down. They've got girls and guys competing, they emphasize the runway more, there's the added element of sexual tension, there's no Tyra Banks and they do Go-Sees every episode. Runner-up: The Wire and Big Love, both of which I watch as much as I can. Inner city crime and polygamous marriages really get my blood pumping.

Worst TV show: "Rachael Ray" This is on all the time at work, on mute, and yet she still irritates me. How is that possible? Runner-up: I rarely do this, but I'm still upset with Making the Band. Q is going off the deep end and Danity Kane is still broken up. I wish I could quit you, Making the Band. I wish I could.

Best idea: Starting tomorrow, I'm debuting a week-long "As Seen On TV" series, complete with products reviews, demonstrations and possible a lot of CAPS LOCK TYPING TO EMPHASIZE EXCITEMENT. Please check it out. It'll only cost $19.95 plus shipping.

Best moments: Moving into my new apartment, which soon will be "our" new apartment with Capricorn. Even better, it meant a weekend with my family around and people helping me clean stuff. Runner up: Celebrating six months with Capricorn, who, for six months, has indulged in my need to chronicle our relationship online.

Worst moments: Finding out my brother's lung collapsed like the Berlin Wall (For those of you too young to get that cultural refence, then "collapsed like a Hillary presidential bid." For those too old, then "collapsed like the Roman Empire.") He came out OK, though. Runner-up: Finding out that same week that I have to take a weeklong, unpaid vacation.

Worst decision: Being absent-minded and not double-checking my lease before I decided to move; I had to pay some extra rent for not giving enough notice. Capricorn will be handling the joint finances, if you can't tell already.

Favorite Blog Entry by Me: Man, there weren't as many blog entries as usual in March, a month that essentially made me its bitch. But I do remember all the hours I put into doing Play by Plays of "The Bachelor" finale, which turned into a marathon blogging event.

Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: The very entertaining TishTash let it rip in this post about her "TurboAnger," which made her less than cordial with co-workers. Sample: "Anxious Co-Worker: I slept with Hot Guy In IT last weekend and now I just feel really uncomfortable. Me: That's just the herp he gave you talking. Go walk it off."

wildarschase.blogspot.comBlogger of the Month (new category): I felt a new category was needed. After spending the last two months not being able to keep up with everybody as much as I'd like, it made me appreciate all of you that much more. So, the inaugural blogger of the month (you get a button) is... Racquel Valencia (aka Aine Caitriona) In one month, Racquel wrote about everything from Jeopardy to tampons, and her wordplay makes my wordplay touch itself at night. She also started a Dear Diary Fridays, which deftly breaks the rules of blogging by not being written on a computer.


kate said...

It's good to see ya back in action, sort of anyway. And congrats on the good things that happened in March :).

Amy xxoo said...

March has been way off my normal routine aswell. And i've also sort of fallen off the blogging radar... but i'm planning on getting back in the game!

Also, " Fast and the Furious " isnt all that bad - tell Capricorn she'll enjoy it... maybe only once, but it once is enough for most chickies...

Sam_I_am said...

Maybe with Capricorn handling the finances, you'll be better able to feed your Little Debbie's habit. :-)

Debbie said...

March is really the foot fungus of the months, isn't it? Rachael Ray drives me insane - and not in a good way.

Heather said...

Oh, I love Adam Lambert too. Yeah, he's a little weird and I'm still not sure how I feel about his "Ring of Fire" performace, but he's SO much better than all the others.
Here's hoping April is better than March.

Racquel Valencia said...

Oh man. I'm actually blushing. Goodness gracious.

Also, I refused to see the new Fast and Furious movie with my boyfriend, saying "that movie looks retarded. I'd rather do lines of Comet."

Quitting smoking is fun.

Soda and Candy said...

We're so happy for you moving in with Capricorn!

And now that you have a blogging room we shall expect to see more posts!!!

: )

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Heyyyy. Congrats to you and Capricorn on your new living arrangement. Here's wishing you the best!

I would toast you with a green shake from MCDonalds, but that shit is over. :(

Melinda said...

So sorry your March was such a pain in the ars but good luck with your new living arrangement. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I have really enjoyed reading not only your posts but your profile blip as well. You totally crack me up.

TishTash said...

Thanks for pimping me out! Do I have to give you a cut for every person that stops by?

miss minneapolis said...

I can't get that Flo Rida song out of my head. I'm sorry, but I can't!

Laid Back Lion said...

i thought the first fast and furious was better then the two that followed. They lacked the Diesel effect. hope the new ones cool.

Narnia. I agree. it sucked.

thanks for commenting on my blog

Anonymous said...

For as all up in pop culture's business as you are, you don't mention American Idol much, if at all. How'd that happen? If it matters, I can't stand Lambert, but I have to agree that performance was by far the best of the season by anyone.

And since you asked, my favorite album of the month is "Cross" by Justice, which is really from like a year and a half ago or so, but I finally got around to buying.

Miss Tiff said...

I absolutely hate that Flo Rida song.

Jenners said...

If Tyra wasn't on America's Next Top Model, would it still be a show?

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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