Monday, December 22, 2008

To discuss a reader poll full of Christmas spirit and Hollywood glamour

Raise your hand if you're working every weekday but Christmas this week.
(Anyone? Anyone? Just myself and a few other saps? Thought so.)

Anyway, I appreciated all the responses for my latest poll, "When do you normally put up your holiday decorations?" Evidently, a majority of you had lights blazing at the start of December. A small percentage of you are blithely unaware Christmas is this Thursday and are wondering why the neighbors are complaining about your rotting jack-o-lantern. And six of you are drunks.

Here are the officials results of the last poll, for you Google readers:
Before Thanksgiving, because I'm an overachiever: 10 (15%)
The start of December, so as not to appear too Scrooge-ish: 26 (41%)
Just before Santa arrives with gift cards for Best Buy/Victoria's Secret/Gynecologist: 5 (7%)
Decorations? You're lucky I buy gifts:11 (17%)
I still have Halloween pumpkins rotting outside: 5 (7%)
If by "decorate" you mean drink away my holiday sorrows, then I answer "October": 6 (9%)

For the new poll, lasting only through Christmas Day (Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends, but you already know that this is a Christmas world), the focus is on your favorite Christmas movie. The options will be extensive.
I'll debate the merits of each option soon, but I wanted to get the poll up in the meantime. No complaining about what's left off, especially if it's a CBS holiday special (If one of you says "The Christmas Shoes" movie should be on there, I will burn your house down like I'm Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. I swear to almighty God.)
This will require you to actually visit my site, Google readers. Consider it your holiday gift to me. That, and a $100 check made out to "Andy Shaw."

Merry Christmas!

Update: I had to re-post the poll to allow multiple selections. Feel free to vote again. I tried to set all the vote tallies as they were before I took the poll down.


FunnyGal KAT said...

I will keep an eye on your blog and if someone even SAYS the name "Christmas Shoes," I will be right behind you when you burn their house down and I will, uh, well, I will... well, I can't burn their house down after you already did it, but I will say something really mean about their choice of movies. So there!

Astharis said...

Muppet Christmas Carol without a doubt. I love that movie! (I think I already said that in another comment somewhere).

I really like Love Actually too, but that's more as a chick film than a Christmas thing, for me. :)

OMG, my word verification is "cringle" which is an honest-to-goodness word that I use in exchange for Christmas. My mind was blown.

Sam_I_am said...

I feel like a total Scrooge, even though I know I'm not. I don't really watch many Christmas Movies and I'm so sick of Ralphie and his bb gun. I remember when I was little, there was a movie called "A Mom For Christmas." That was one of my favorites.

SouthernBelle said...

Elf and It's a Wonderful Life are my favorites.

Jimmy Stewart rules, but I had never seen that movie 'til I moved here.

Jenn said...

LOVE.ACTUALLY. No question about it!

Amy xxoo said...

Man, i totally wanted to vote " The Family Stone " as my fourth! Also, their was a movie when i was younger, i cant remember what it was called, and Dudley Moore was an elf that ran away from the North Pole, and John Lithgow was an evil CEO who wanted to corrupt the worlds children.

Sounds kind of horrid, but it was great!

Jossie Posie said...

Does it piss anyone else off that they only show a Christmas Story on Christmas Day??

I realize its a "Christmas" story but I would really like to see Ralphie shoot his eye out pre-Christmas with a glass of nog.

Amy xxoo - Its called The Santa Clause and I own it, its pure Christmas perfection. The candy canes that make you fly!!

Kellie said...

I was one of the ones w/ the rotten pumpkin still outside. It is now covered in snow though so you can no longer see it. Therefore I am not the bad neighbor anymore (at least not until spring when it shows its ugly rotten self again).

Also, I gave you an award on my blog. Thanks for keeping me entertained while bored at work!

Andy said...

I'm part of the 15% who puts them before December-

SouthernBelle said...

Oh yeah & I am totally working every day this week except for Xmas, including Saturday.

You're not alone Andy!

word ver - fugaina: exceptionally ugly lady bits.

MsDarkstar said...

"The Ref" is my favorite Xmas movie. Because no other holiday movie has quite that level of dysfunction, the kind that makes me all nostalgic.

"Grandma's chewing through the duct tape" makes me laugh every time!

Áine Caitríona said...

My favorite Christmas movie, much like the television series that I'd name my offspring after, is one that only I seem to have heard of: "An American Christmas Carol". It stars Henry Winkler as a miser named Benedict Slade during the Depression. Failing that, I had to go with "Muppet Christmas Carol", "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" and "Love Actually".

I have almost two sweet, sweet weeks of vacation starting on Xmas day, but I've also worked literally every day for the past two months, so I feel like I deserve it.

JenBun said...

What if I let OTHER people put them out and then just sit back and enjoy them?? Eh? Eh???

Oh, and where is The Grinch?!? I refuse to vote in a poll without "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on it!!!

Christmas Shoes. So there! :P

Jenners said...

I so hate the Christmas Shoes thing. That is a movie? I thought it was just an annoying song.

I did my voting.

Actually, the new Muppet Christmas special Letters to Santa is pretty darn funny. And I say that in all sincerity.

kisatrtle said...

"It's just like Santa's workshop here!

Except it smells like mushrooms... and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me..."

I'm rooting for Buddy the Elf..What's your favorite color?

2nd place National Lampoon
3rd place MuPPets!

LBluca77 said...

I'm raising my hand too!! Stupid work not closing and making us work. Dammit!

bianca said...

I'm glad you included "Just Friends". That movie is totally underrated.

RainbowEclipse said...

I am also working every day except Thursday this week... poor Kate is working Xmas day...

As far as the movie, I have to vote "Love Actually" as my favorite.

Oh, and since I missed the poll, I've had a tree up since the weekend after Thanksgiving, just put a few candles & Xmas stickies in the windows last night.... so I'm gonna go with "October"...

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