Monday, January 5, 2009

To discuss a month in review: December Means Little (Choir) Boys Are On My Mind

December is finally over. I'm almost as sick of all the holiday stuff as you are, so let's get right to it: A review of December, when baby Jesus was born, or at least allegedly born, if you're not big on historical accuracy and all that sort of thing.
  • Favorite movie: "American Beauty" What? Andy, you just saw this? Why, yes, yes I did. Capricorn couldn't believe it, either. I had no idea what this was about other than Mena Suvari being naked in rose petals. Turns out, this is a very funny movie. Plus, I finally understand the whole floating plastic bag and kid dressed in black thing from Not Another Teen Movie.
  • Least favorite movie: "Iron Man" Sure, Robert Downey Jr. is good here, but people were making this out to be the next addition to the Bible or something. It's not as good as other superhero movies-- I didn't care about the villain, and there were plot holes. That, and the end was anticlimactic... Runner Up: "We Own the Night"- Eva Mendes being topless in the first two minutes shouldn't be the highlight of the film. But it did give me another excuse to bust out this Mark Wahlberg photo. Say hey to your mother for me, alright?
  • Favorite song: "O Holy Night" Home Alone soundtrack, sung by a children's choir. I wish I could quit you, Home Alone soundtrack, but John Williams has me wrapped around his finger. Runner up: "Christmas Time Is Here," Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack.
  • Least favorite song: I think we all know.
  • Favorite album: I can't get enough Kings of Leon "Only by the Night." It was enough to make me listen to another rock band consistently not named Radiohead, and that's saying something, considering I hope to have Thom Yorke's love child one day. I wonder if Thom's into skinny Americans... or dudes?
  • Best TV Show: "Big Love" This HBO show practically made me want to enter into polygamy. Hey, if it was good enough for Abraham, Moses and Bill Paxton, then it's good enough for... wait, what's that? I'd have to remember multiple anniversaries, deal with multiple PMS weeks and buy more gifts? Eh, screw it. Runner up: "Testees" and "Big Bang Theory"
  • Worst TV show: "Bromance" But, because you asked for it, I'll keep up the play-by-plays. I'm that kind of guy.
  • Best moments: Spending my first Christmas with Capricorn, getting third place in my fantasy football league, seeing all my family in one place without a funeral involved.
  • Worst moments: Every second I heard Bailey cry out in pain like a drunken yodeler. That, and the ensuing vet bill that made my rent payment more of an "if" rather than a "when."
  • Best decision: Buying most Christmas presents right after Thanksgiving, so I didn't have to rush around all December.
  • Worst decision: Putting off getting Capricorn's dad a Christmas present until Christmas Eve.
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Me: Another good round of co-blogs, including one with Joshlos and two with Katie, plus my thoughts on Cosmo.
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: Anna Lefler's "Brace Yourself Kid" post on strange children's toys. And anything on Fail Blog.
  • A few tops of 2008: Top New Artist I Discovered: Adele... Top Album: Radiohead, "In Rainbows"... Top TV Show- "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The Office"... Top New TV Show I Discovered- "Big Love," and "The Cosby Show" (Yeah, I never watched it before)... Top Movie- "No Country for Old Men"(saw it in '08) and "Dark Knight"... Top Song- "Creator" Santogold and "Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
Like that list? Well, how about this: I'm handing out the first ever Wild ARS awards on Tuesday, so you better get yourself ready. The categories are plentiful, and while not everyone will go home a winner, I've linked the crap out of it, so at least you'll find some other blogs better to read than this one.


Brandon Szuminsky said...

Iron Man is already in the Bible. Right after Leviticus.

sj said...

i have to say- i did love me some iron man. i rated it higher than the dark knight in my 2008 year end review...

the home alone soundtrack, eh? who knew?

Far said...

Hey Happy holidays!! Bromance looks sooo stupid yet i kinda wanna see it.. you know for the bro man.. isnt this show kinda just a copy of paris hiltons BFF?? lame

Anonymous said...

What??? You never watched The Cosby Show until 2008?? This blows my mind apart.

Andy said...

Brandon- Yeah, and Iron Man was begatting all over Uma Thurman
SJ- I can see why people liked it, just not my cup of hero tea.... The rest of the HA soundtrack is just as good.
Far- It's almost a carbon copy
Josh- My family never watched it when I was a kid- we watched Home Improvement, Full House, Murphy Brown, Golden Girls... but not the Cosby Show.

Dr Zibbs said...

Looking at the things you like I bet you'd love Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Miss Fabulous said...

Home Alone - one of my favorite movies ever (could be mostly due to the unhealthy childhood crush I had on Macaulay Culkin). So I don't judge you for loving the soundtrack. However, friend, don't hate on Bromance. Give it a chance. I know you like it! :)

Amy xxoo said...

Love the 2008 rundown - i've finally got mine togther ( after trying to remember what movies i saw/songs i loved/albums i bough for the last five days.... ) and it should be up later today, Australian time!

Famously Single said...

You should do a month in review every month! Wait, you don't already do this already do you? Damn google reader. It means I never actually see the blog all the time. I mean I don't think you do this already? Wait, you don't right?

gracie-mel said...

we did TOO watch the Cosby Show!! At least I think we did... my mind is a bit blank from those days. You seem to have told me what I was watching then... and you're 6 years younger!!!

And yes, FailBlog rules!!

Andy said...

Zibbs- I need to catch it on DVD. I'm sure you are correct, as I also love Seinfeld.
Fab- I'll try to reserve judgment.
Amy- I look forward to it- It was hard for me to remember all I did and saw.
Single- *Awkward pause* Yes, I do. But, since you are a new reader, that's OK! Visit my site and use the search tool for "month in review"- all of them should show up. I'm glad you like them.
Mel- No, we never watched it as a family. I'm positive, although you might have watched it on your own. And I'm only four years younger. So there.

Andy said...

You hadn't seen American Beauty or the Costby Show??

Oh, come on. I live in a thrid world country and I'm only 18 and I've seen both.

Jest said...

Are you being serious about never seeing The Cosby show before?

Miss Tiff said...

I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that you had never seen the Cosby Show until 2008. Sweet Jesus Andy where have you been?

You will always make an excuse to include that pic of Mark Wahlberg won't you??

Andy said...

Let me clarify- I had never seen more than an episode or two, randomly- it's not like I never knew it existed. I caught it on TV every few years, but now I'm watching it all the time through Tivo. And it's hilarious.

Lump said...

Thank goodness Christmas music is done with. No more of that shit for 11 months. WOO!

I can't believe you just now saw American Beauty. You're the type that judges books by their cover, huh?

kim said...

I'm really sad about the Cosby Show thing. I've loved that show since I was 6. For real.

I gave you an award anyway. Stop by my blog to see!

Paula said...

Yep, play-by-plays of bad tv shows are great fun. Especially when the tv show has such a stupid name!

kk said...

Home Alone rocks.

But never watching The Cosby Show? No Vanessa or Theo? WOW.

But I am loving that you watched Murphy Brown – one of my favorite shows of all time.

You tuning into The City? Or have you had enough by the time Bromance ends???

Kellie said...

Iron Man was definitely over hyped. Not that great of a movie. I can't believe you hadn't seen American Beauty! It's a GREAT movie. And I am agreeing whole heartedly w/ your top TV choices of IASIP and The Office. Those are my favorite 2 as well! Yay 2008! Bring it on 2009! :)

JenBun said...

Oh my goodness, so many things to say!

"American Beauty" is awesome. (But then, so is "Iron Man"...) And I love Marky Mark.

Least favorite song: I think we all know. Dead inside.

(Also, when I linked to your Grinchy poo-ness, I linked to the wrong post, so now I've fixed it!)

"Big Bang Theory" rocks my socks off! (I just typo-ed that "Big Band Theory"-- I'd watch that too.)

If you keep re-capping Bromance, I'll keep reading! (But there's no way in hell I'm watching that shit.)

I'm glad Bailey's feeling better! Now can you fix Zephyr?!? (My poor ailing puppy)

You've never watched the "Cosby Show" before?!? But... but... you're so good with the old pop culture references!! Mind. Blown.

"Sex On Fire" gets stuck in my head like no other song has before.

Thank you in advance for any awards you may be planning to bestow upon me!! ;)


TishTash said...

I also find Big Bang Theory geekily delightful.

And if you just discovered the Cosby Show, may I suggest that you immediately find the episode where the whole family lip synchs to Night Time by Ray Charles. That one is solid gold.

Rachel said...

I am willing to be your second wife if you give me a house like they have. We would be very compatible since we like all the same TV shows (woohoo for Testees and BBT!)

Sara said...

John Williams was a safe choice, but everyone REALLY knows that the band aid song is the best

Jenners said...

Totally have to disagree with you on Iron Man. Totally.

And you should check out Dexter on Showtime. Best. TV. Show. Ever.

*~Dani~* said...

Big Love almost made me a polygamist as well. Then I realized it was three WIVES and not three HUSBANDS and I said screw that.

LBluca77 said...

I still have not seen Iron Man. Looking forward to it though.

But who does not love Dwight Schrute?!?!

Anna Lefler said...

Wow, Andy - thanks so much! I really appreciate the shout-out!

And I respect that you are as current in your film-viewing as I am. (Tonight I'm watching something called "Forrest Gump." Have you heard of it? I think the guy at Blockbuster with the unfortunate piercings made it up.)

Thanks again...



Lauren said...

I really like "It's Always Sunny..." as well and only discovered it a couple of months ago.

Also, your Walberg picture? Awesome. You need him to talk to a donkey next.

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