Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To discuss a month in review: January

January is that time of the year when you wish you were in freaking Australia because it's summertime. Southern hemisphere- you think you have it all sorted out, don't you? Well... well... your toilets flush backwards. Here's my January month-in-review:
  • Favorite movie: "The Wrestler." It just couldn't be anything else. Not with Mickey Rourke's performance. Not with the excellent script. Not with the underdog-character-goes-wrong storyline. Not with Marisa Tomei more naked than Kim Kardashian in a home video. Runner up: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Malibu's Most Wanted. Capricorn had me, my brother and his girlfriend watch it as part of our Summertime 2009 fake holiday, while drinking Malibu Bay Breezes. It was a funny movie. Three out of four Bay Breezes agree.
  • Least favorite movie: I can't think of one. For once.
  • Favorite song: I added a slew of songs to my iPod, so I'll let you pick and choose: "In My Head," Your Vegas; "Punkrocker" Teddybears feat. Iggy Pop; "Always Be," Jimmy Eat World; "A Milli," Lil Wayne; "Cheri Amour," Stevie Wonder.... Runner-up: At the contemporary church service I went to with Capricorn, they played some kind of worship/bar song mash-up that I'm sure was about Jesus and the Holy Spirit but sounded like AC/DC calling for the devil's delight. I kept giggling about this, and at one point, sang out "Back in black!"... just as the worship band paused. Another excellent moment. I downloaded AC/DC stuff when I got back. And prayed.
  • Least favorite song: "Addicted," Saving Abel. I've heard songs just like it. Every year.
  • Favorite album: Uh, how about the Very Best of Chicago, which is as random as a Rod Blagojevich Senate selection. I can't stop playing "25 or 6 to 4." I want to, in the hopes that they'll magically figure out how to count in numerical order, but they don't, and then they pull me back in with the trumpets.
  • Best TV Show: Most things were in re-runs, so I found myself watching more "Property Virgins" episodes. I am convinced Sandra has her clothes tailored, because they fit her perfectly. I would like for her to be my realtor, although that would require me to have money to buy a house. Maybe I could pitch a spinoff show: "Property Virgins for Sale at Las Vegas Brothel to Raise House Funds." Runner up: "House." Always liked it. Always will.
  • Worst TV show: "American Idol," but only because it's the audition rounds. It gets old, fast, not unlike the cast of "Friends." Runner up: Anything involving multiple children.
  • Best moments: Having someone to kiss at New Year's- especially when that someone is Capricorn. Also, spending a weekend in my hometown.
  • Worst moments: Having my teeth cleaned, which, thankfully, has since been outlawed by Obama. I can't believe some of you enjoy it. Sick, sick freaks.
  • Best decision: Capricorn and I deciding to start bowling as a hobby, which led to the purchase of these bowling shoes for me and for her.
  • Worst decision: Did I really post these photos of myself?
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Me: Easily, it was giving all of you awards.
  • Favorite Blog Entry by Someone Else: Astharis had some balls and posted her entry for my embarrassing photo challenge. Click here and laugh. For the non-photo category, Pop Eye has been giving excellent American Idol rundowns.


Jossie Posie said...

Awww, how cute is your best moment! Lame.

(As you can probably tell I am slightly bitter at the moment)

SouthernBelle said...

Why yes, I did enjoy a week of blistering heat on my vacay in Australia.

Stupid winter. I wish I was disgustingly wealthy so I could avoid it by switching hemispheres every 6 months.

Kellie said...

I think you and I are the only ones on the planet that do not like American Idol. Everyone I know is addicted to it. I think it sucks major ass.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I watch "Property Virgins," too, but mostly for how mean Sandra can be in subtle ways. Like when she takes the couple to a neighborhood filled with mansions and has them pick out a house they like and then says, "You can't afford that! Now get in the van and come over to the trailer park to see where you'll be living." Then, when the couple says they don't like that the house they can afford has only one bathroom and it's separate from the house, she tells them they're going to have to learn to compromise. (But she does have very nice outfits...)

And I LOVE the bowling shoes... look at you two making bowling just a little cooler than it actually is!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I have GOT to see "The Wrestler"

I seriously suck at music-I like talk radio. Howard fan. Hey now!

Love House-he's such a curmudgeon.

I am a passionte Idol fan-Hollywood Week tonite-meeyouch!

And while we are discussing it-I am a Wild ARS fan too!

Dr Zibbs said...

The acting in the Wrestler was great but story was not too good.

Ben said...

Ummm....you noticed a woman's tailoring....

We've talked about this.

Marinka said...

I love that you and Capricorn have bowling shoes.

Heather said...

Nice recap!
But how did House only get runner up on best TV show? It's definitely number one in my book. Of course, I've never seen your top pick, so maybe I'm wrong. :)

Astharis said...

Those bowling shoes are beyond awesome. And I never understood the stigma with bowling...? I always thought it was pretty fun and not lame at all!

Thanks for the linkage! Am honoured to be mentioned. :)

bianca said...

I also love the "Best of Chicago". "25 or 6 to 4" is quality, but I'm also a fan of "Beginnings". I can't decide if I love them because they were played in my house when I was young or if it's because I have Chicago pride and therefore it's my duty to love them. They actually had a whole exhibit at the Chicago History Museum last time I was home and I was all about it. I'm a dork.

This was a quality month in review!

Finger Talks said...

ok i love the shoes. Can i get a pair even if i only bowl once a year? and suck at it? and have no plans to improve? and like to do it granny style?

ps i want to go to australia. now damn it!

TishTash said...

I like the quietly slipped-in political reference. Very crafty.

sj said...

i have never. ever. understood that chicago song.

even now. i find it odd. and now it is stuck in my head.

curse you, andy. curse you and your funny antics.

~Sheila~ said...

House is one of my favorite shows too. Along with Scrubs. Medium..(dude, I have a crapload, the list would be too long)

I used to be on a bowling league back in my younger days. I bowled somewhere in the 160s.
That's about it.

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