Sunday, March 8, 2009

To discuss a monthly feature poll question just for you

Wow, last week on Wild ARS Chase was almost all TV Play-by-Plays... which might explain why my visitor totals were down but the depth and breadth of comments were up. That obviously means play-by-plays are a love em or hate em kind of deal, not unlike Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift and evangelical Christians.
To better understand what all of you want, there's a new poll up. It's all just for fun (I won't hold a grudge. I reserve grudges for certain high school girlfriends who dumped me for better looking guys). It's just market research to get a better sense of what you most like of the regular features I do (please, no write-in votes for "When Andy takes a day off."), and what I should do less frequently (i.e., Andy, take a hint.)
Here are the options, in random order:
1) TV Play-by-Play: Minute-by-minute recaps of reality shows, such as Top Model, which basically writes itself.
2) What I Learned From Cosmo: Revealing all the sexified tidbits hidden in "Cosmo," so that others might save themselves $4.29. (Latest post coming Monday... plus a special surprise later this week).
3) Month in review: Highlighting all the best and the worst of the previous month.
4) Love Coach cell phone texts: A new feature previewing what kind of texts you might get if you signed up for the shameless Love Coach service.
5) Fake Andy Shaw of the Month: Highlighting other Andy Shaws out there in the world, plus celebs that look like me, like a young Kevin Costner.
6) Co-blogs: Co-written ventures with some of my favorite bloggers. Has led to such infamous posts as this series with Ben, plus 2009 predictions from myself and Lump.
7) MILF, or Music I Loved Fridays: A look back at a song/group from the 90s, and what I was thinking at the time. The latest was Blink 182, first heard by me in "Can't Hardly Wait," which, coincidentally, played on VH1 later that week. Maybe they read my blog.
8) Weekend Update: Kind of like VH1's Best Week Ever, except it's only the weekend and I don't have out-of-work comedians commenting on my life. Here's one on The Wrestler and how I hate reality shows on large families.

Thanks for participating. Suggestions are welcome, since I'm basically making this up as I go, like a pilot landing a plane on the Hudson River, or Paris Hilton acting in a movie.
Here's the results of the last poll, revealing that nearly as many of you have a serious blog addiction as those who read in moderation. Please seek medical help, such as a therapist, psychologist, or Yaz (I hear it works wonders).
How many blogs do you read in a day?
1-5: Just a few
5 (13%)
6-10: Daily dose
11 (29%)
11-25: Losing sleep
10 (27%)
26-50: I attend meetings
9 (24%)
I don't even read my own blog
2 (5%)


LBluca77 said...

I like your what you learned from cosmo posts. I actually read Cosmo today and did a post on one of the articles. I like though how you give us the guys perspective on what you read.

Jenners said...

I'll confess...I skip the play-by-plays because I don't watch the shows and don't really care. But I love when you write about your life or general opinions on basic stuff. And I like the fake Andy Shaw stuff!

Nick James said...

I would love to co-write with you!

kate said...

I like most of what you write, in fact pretty much ALL of it is funny. But there's not an All of the Above vote, so apparently you're really making me think about this!

Amy xxoo said...

I'm voting for the MILF's , all the way!

Which, may i remind you, you missed last week. I wantmy MILF Andy... i even had a Facebook status update based on one of your MILF posts... i'm advertising for you man!

Andy said...

LBluca- I will check out your Cosmo thing. It'll make me feel better about spending time reading the magazine just to write a blog post.
Jenners- Understandable- if I didn't like Top Model, I'd skip 'em too, although some people read them anyway. Thanks for the compliments!
Nick- In good time, Nick. In good time.
Kate- I didn't want any cop-out votes- that won't help me out.
Amy- I didn't actually miss a Friday; I had only planned to do them on the last Friday of each month, until I figured out if people liked them. Keep advertising, though

~Sheila~ said...

I definitaly like the MILFs.
I like the cosmo also.

I also like Fake Andy Show of the month so I will go and vote now...

Rosie Posie said...

I like the cosmo/maxim and the play-by-plays because I can't get my hands on that stuff over here. Not that I'd touch them if I did, unless there was some hand sanitizer nearby. Thanks for doing the dirty work and sharing the spoils!

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